As a realtor, it is your job to make sure that all of your clients’ needs and requirements are properly met. This means everything from helping them figure out how much house they can afford, and what it is they truly want, to understanding because someone who owned a key to their new residence got into their ho the pros and cons of all potential financing sources, and up until the day of the big move. Can you imagine assisting a client with buying their dream home and receive news from them that they have been robbed the very first night they spent there,me quietly and took off with their laptop and cash? While it might not fall into your direct responsibility to ensure all of the keys to a property are returned to the new owner upon selling/purchasing, it would certainly be into their best interest to help them out in this regard.

So having the safety talk is a critical thing to do that should save you – and them – from a lot of trouble later on. Unfortunately, this is something that most of today’s real estate professionals ignore or simply omit to include into their talks with their clients.

Do A Security Survey

  • Talk to your clients and teach them what it is they can do to make their new home safer in the hands of potential burglars and intruders. Help them understand how to make their precious belongings safe and you will certainly manage to properly distinguish yourself in a listing presentation.

  • While most people get in touch with several real estate agents before they decide upon one that will help them buy their new homes, non of the previous ones told them about these home security aspects. Do your best to provide them with the smartest handout for a seller safety plan and you will definitely stick your head out of the crowd.

Become Better Informed On Safety Matters


  • Talk to a good, reliable locksmith for homes in the area and find out what are the greatest threats in terms of home burglaries and vulnerabilities. Learn what are the most advanced types of locks that can be fitted on any home or apartment. Be prepared to provide correct price ranges and details on the best types of locks homeowners could have installed.

  • Take one step further and provide your clients with exact contact details for the most trustworthy locksmiths you can find. Find a reliable nationwide locksmith company in your area. Recommend them as their number one choices for having their locks re-keyed or replaced before spending even a single night in their new home.

  • Create a checklist and use it while walking through homes with sellers. Have things like the lighting of the home or the locks on the doors checked for faults and potential problems.


  • Keep in mind home buyers should also be properly instructed concerning important home safety matters. For example, you should let them know about any existing home alarms sensors, or surveillance cameras laying around the house, the exact key management use, the existence or lack of master keys, the number of copy keys the sellers remember having given away to neighbors or friends, and so on. Every little detail can help avoid potential disasters, so having the talk is a must.