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White Collar, Green Flame - A Technothriller Shain Carter

White Collar, Green Flame - A Technothriller

Shain Carter

Kindle Edition
256 pages
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 About the Book 

Could a species of highly intelligent beings have evolved on Earth millions of years ago? A species with technology more advanced than our own today? Thats the remarkable claim of independently wealthy amateur paleontologist Derek Becker. Becker has proof that the great dinosaur extinction that occurred 65 million years ago was the result of a nuclear catastrophe, that some of these intelligent beings were able to escape to a planet orbiting a nearby star, and that these displaced creatures sent an interstellar craft back to Earth to make contact with any survivors of the nuclear holocaust. Becker enlists a small team of scientists to make contact with this craft and discover the secrets that it holds. Among them is Professor Dawson Jones, a one-time contender for the Nobel Prize who, because of his drinking problems, has been reduced to teaching remedial chemistry in a back woods college. Jones sees this as an opportunity to prove to the science community the importance of his work and regain his past glory.The scientists, tasked with making a space probe to intercept the alien craft, assemble at an abandoned research facility in remote Turkey. As the work progresses Jones realizes that there is much more to the program than meets the eye - that the scientists are, in fact, just pawns in a much bigger game. But just who are the players calling the moves, and what are their goals? Almost too late Jones learns the answers to these questions and leads the scientists in a breathtaking race against time, both to save themselves and to prevent a terrorist attack of unprecedented proportions on the US.White Collar, Green Flame is a science-based thriller of the genre that Carl Djerassi terms science in fiction. The story takes its inspiration from the work of Michael Crichton: its plot is driven by scientific ideas that are explained in an easy-to-understand way and that propel the story to its heart-stopping conclusion.